As they left Jericho a large crowd followed him. And now there were two blind men sitting at the side of the road. (Mt. 20, 29-30)

An oasis on the border line of the Judean Desert. Alimented by several springs and the waters of the nearby River Jordan, the city was inhabited since the early Neolithic period. So it is considered as the oldest city in the world. The excavations carried out since the middle of the 20th century showed a large number of layers of cities dating back to more than 8000 BCE.

During the first century, the city was an obligatory transit road to all travelers coming from Galilee. It was visited by Jesus in more than one occasion during his pilgrimages trips to Jerusalem.

Jericho will be your last stop before reaching Jerusalem. Meet their people gathered around Jesus with Zacchaeus
trying to climb on a sycamore tree to see the Lord passing.